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Did you, perhaps, think Forrest Gump was good with ping-pong balls?

Posted by Lissa on November 26, 2008


The only way this could have been cooler was if he concluded the match by vaulting across the table and RIPPING OUT HIS OPPONENT’S SPINAL CORD.  Then making babies with the guy’s pretty wife.  Seriously, it’s that awesome.

This concludes our regularly scheduled testosterone/estrogen booster.

(h/t The Corner)

UPDATE: Gracious, I didn’t think it had to be said: Yes, that is Bruce Lee; yes, he is using nunchuks to hit ping pong balls.  Hell yeah.  Oh — and yes, at one point he kicks one instead of hitting it.  He’s allowed to do that because HE’S FREAKING BRUCE LEE.  🙂

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