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Have I mentioned that I hate Mondays?

Posted by Lissa on November 24, 2008

I believe I have, and yet . . . eat sh*t and die, Monday.  (Just in case.)

Somehow, my computer at work refused to change my password and I ended up logging five calls with the Help Desk of Ye Olde Financial Firm as they tried, over and over, to fix it.  Only took an hour and a half, yay!

Oh, and how’s this for unfair?  I get to sit on my hands and fight with my computer (yes, while sitting on my hands.  I’m cool like that) while Mike ends up with a day at home.  Hmph.  (Just kidding, he’s making me dinner and baking bread and vacuuming and doing manly things like getting rid of an old coffee table.  It’s just that . . . why couldn’t MY building lose power too??)

Enough griping.  I’ve got a busy few days coming up because an old friend from NYC is coming for Thanksgiving.  It’ll be awesome to see her, but Much Cleaning must be done!! 

P.S.  I know, this was an extremely boring post.  Go here for something more interesting.  Then write over and over again, “I shall not hotlink nor plagiarize.  I shall not hotlink nor plagiarize.”  (H/t Cold Fury)

2 Responses to “Have I mentioned that I hate Mondays?”

  1. Brad K said

    Umm – Happy Monday? I mean, I hope you will celebrate this Happy Monday with me! Or something.

    I spent the day trying to get stuff on track after wrecking my car. Gack. When the other driver was at fault (got the ticket), why does my deductible apply?

  2. Lissa said

    Oh no!!!!!! So sorry Brad, that just SUCKS . . .

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