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Now, everyone roll your eyes in unison

Posted by Lissa on November 21, 2008

I think it’s a good idea to only make rules that you are willing to enforce every time. It’s better to have a few ”hard” rules that you will enforce every single time than to have a whole bunch of soft ones that sometimes apply and sometimes don’t. It’s too confusing for kids if they are sometimes allowed to and sometimes aren’t.

That’s from the Berkeley Parents Network.  Isn’t it funny how such good, simple, pithy advice is accessible to parents in even the looniest of areas, yet somehow we can’t get the politicians to live by those rules?  Do they not have kids, or something?

Her husband just signed a smoking ban into law in April. Now Iowa first lady Mari Culver admits she already broke it.

The wife of Gov. Chet Culver released a statement Thursday saying she quit smoking last year but started again a few months ago and smoked in a state vehicle.

The ban outlaws smoking in most workplaces, including cars of employers.

Hmmm, let’s check:

Mari and Chet Culver have been married for 14 years and are the proud parents of two children, Clare and John.

So much for that theory.  Being parents, they at least SHOULD have an inkling that putting a lot of petty, stupid, unenforceable rules on the books is a waste of time and cheapens the authority of the law.

Folks, I don’t like cigarette smoke.  I don’t like breathing it, I don’t like it permeating my hair, and I don’t like having to dry-clean my coat after spending a night in a smoky bar. 

You know what I like less?  The government deciding that no bar owner in the Massachusetts has the right to decide if his/her bar should be smoke-free or not.

It’s all for The Children — er, The Workers, of course. 

July 2004: A statewide smoking ban in work places (including restaurants and bars) now in effect.

Sure, I appreciate not reeking of smoke after going out at night.  But since I have friends who smoke, I end up stuck outside.  Which means I either freeze, or go home covered in mosquito bites.

I’d really rather pay the dry-cleaning bill.  Damn Nanny State.

P.S. Chet Culver is a Democrat.  I find that relevant only because I think, if the wife of a Republican governor got caught smoking in a state vehicle against her husband-enacted laws, you’d find the party affiliation in the article.

UPDATE: Speaking of cigarette laws . . .

One Response to “Now, everyone roll your eyes in unison”

  1. Sevesteen said

    “Worker safety” is a valid concern, but there are many less restrictive ways to deal with this other than an outright ban. Cigarette smoke should be treated like any other workplace hazard. With sufficient ventilation, air scrubbers, or segregated smoking areas the amount of worker smoke exposure can be kept to a safe level. Concentrate on the hazard, not the sinfulness.

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