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More book fun!

Posted by Lissa on November 21, 2008

I can’t resist a good meme 🙂  (Although since I tagged people for a book thread not too long ago, I’ll throw this one open to anyone who wants to play.)

–Share seven random or weird Book Facts about yourself.
–Then tag seven other people.
–Notify the seven others that they have been tagged.

1. When I think a book is excellent, I read it at least five more times, more often twenty.  There is one big honkin’ exception to this rule: Pet Semetary.  I was so frightened that I slept (sporadically) with all the lights on for WEEKS afterwards.  I do not intend to ever open this book again.

2. Speaking of Stephen King, I made the absolutely moronic mistake of thinking that, since I saw the movie of The Shining, I knew the plot and wouldn’t get too scared if I read the book.  In my defense, when I was a kid we used to break thermometers to play with the mercury inside; I can blame mercury poisoning for my frequent moments of idiocy.  More weeks of sleeping-with-the-light-on.

3. I am a total glutton with books.  I tend to re-read books over and over again because when I start a new book I often can’t put it down until I’ve finished it.  I’m no longer a college kid and thus four-AM book-reading sessions take a bigger toll on me; much safer to read something I’ve devoured already.

4. I still read kids’ books.  There’s nothing better on a cold, rainy day then a warm bed, a cup of coffee and a session of Little House on the Prairie.

5.  I read more quickly than anyone I know — if it’s something I enjoy.  When the seventh Harry Potter came out I got home around 12:45 AM and finished all but the last forty pages before leaving for work at 5:50 AM.  (Why can’t I read work materials that fast???)

6. I buy classics in the hopes that their lying about will inspire me to read them someday.  The day has not yet come for The Moonstone, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Don Quixote and a host of others.

7. I try to suck my older sister into reading books.  I found that if I left books on top of the toilet for long enough, she would EVENTUALLY pick them up and read the first chapter or so.  For a really good book, that’s more than enough 🙂

Anyone who wants, please join in!

4 Responses to “More book fun!”

  1. crankylitprof said

    Hey, I re-read “Little House on the Prairie” books all the time! I’m also re-reading “Nancy Drew mysteries,” because the bear likes them.

    We’re not immature, we’re young at heart.

  2. I have the same strategy for tackling the classics…with the same results. I am currently engulfed with a staring contest with Jane Eyre.

  3. Lissa said

    We’re not immature, we’re young at heart.

    Actually, I’m fairly sure I’m both!

    Belleofthebooks — what a fabulous name!

  4. Brad K said

    Favorites are Tamora Pierce (Protector of the Small, Wild Magid, The Magic Circle, etc.), Mercedes Lackey (Arrows of the Queen, By the Sword), Lois McMaster Bujold (Warrior’s Apprentice), Marion Zimmer Bradley (Hawkmistress!), Doranna Durgin (A Feral Darkness, Dun Lady’s Jess).

    If a book is worth reading, it is worth re-reading.

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