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Brrr! It’s COLD out there!

Posted by Lissa on November 19, 2008

There must be some Toros in the atmosphere!*


Gettin’ nasty cold out there, folks.  It’s bad enough in Lissaville in the morning, but in Boston the wind whips down the streets and around buildings and practically steals the breath from your lungs.  I wear calf-length wool coats and knee-high leather boots, but unfortunately the coat tends to flap open as I walk, allowing chilling gusts of freezing air to zoom directly up my skirt.  Plus, the high-velocity nippy air bites at my cheeks and makes my eyes run.  Wah!

Enough whining, though, I’ve got a question for y’all.  What do you use for head/face coverings in cold weather?  I’ve got scarves, and I’ve got hats — though hats are hard to wear over my hair, if it’s in a ponytail or bun or anything except loose — yet none of that helps my cheeks from freezing into place.  Bad enough to walk into work with wind-dishevelled hair, but to have a rictus-like grin on my face tends to frighten the security guards.  And yet, I somehow think one of these would frighten them even more:


Just my color, right?  Um, not right?  Well, okay.  How about this one?


Yeah, that one’s not doing it for me either.  Last winter I was so desperate I took to draping a pashmina around my head and safety-pinning it to cover my nose and mouth, but I don’t deny it looked a little silly.  Also, it flapped in the wind.  (Also, it somewhat resembled a burka, despite my care in selecting bright red or patterned fabrics to minimize that effect.)

So, dear blog readers, any suggestions?  Where can I find a covering that will keep my face from freezing, but will not frighten the CEO if we meet outside the entrance?

Ah, that age-old dilemma between comfort and fashion . . . Of course, since I wear stilettos, you know which side I usually land on!

*It’s a cheer from the movie Bring It On.  A very silly entertaining chick flick.


4 Responses to “Brrr! It’s COLD out there!”

  1. I do believe that is why God invented scarfs.
    Get a soft-ish one (polarfleece) & wrap it up around your face when the Whales of November Turn Gloomy.
    Works for me…

  2. Jennifer said

    Unfortunately out here I’ve had to give up fashion completely when it comes to outdoors attire in winter. As long as I can take the cold, I use a scarf (and hat). But when it gets really bad, I wear a coat with a hood from LL Bean that my mom bought me and the hood is trimmed with faux fur and buttons up tight so I end up looking kind of like an eskimo.

  3. ibex said

    A chick flick? Bring It On? You call young, attractive women bouncing around in cheerleading uniforms a chick flick?

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