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Posted by Lissa on November 14, 2008

I’m heading down to Florida this evening for an early Thanksgiving; I’m very fortunate that I can have two this year!  Of course, the first Thanksgiving will consist of grilled steak, rather than turkey, but whoever complained about steak?  (Especially when one gets a turkey on Thanksgiving Day with the other set of parents.)  Consequently, I darted off to Faneuil Hall to buy some Godiva truffles to bring Mike’s parents . . . and that’s where I encountered The Shoe Temptress.

The Shoe Temptress is, of course, a cunning little minx who shares my pocketbook.  She loooooooooves pretty shoes, and sexy shoes, and butt-kicking shoes; I restrain her as best I can but sometimes tis a losing battle.  Like, say, any time I wander into DSW.  And, damn, did these catch her eye:


Shoe Temptress:  WANT!!!!!!

Lissa: No!  Bad Temptress!

Shoe Temptress:  WANT!!!!!!

Lissa:  No!  They’re too expensive!

Shoe Temptress:  They’re eighty dollars cheaper than they were originally listed!  WANT!!!!!!

Lissa:  No!  You have many pairs of boots!

Shoe Temptress:  But these are Crocs!  That makes them practical!  And comfortable!  WANT!!!!!!

Lissa:  RUN AWAY!!!!

And I did.

But if anyone wants to get me an expensive Christmas present, I wear a size 8.



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One Response to “WANT!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Ted said

    I’ll have to take Mrs. Borepatch there. Heh.

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