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Posted by Lissa on November 7, 2008

Congressional Agenda
Democratic congressional leaders are promising to fix the economy, health care, energy and end the Iraq war. After that, they plan to create a country made entirely of candy.

Lots more here.


One Response to “Snort”

  1. Brad K said

    Eww – that last is a line from the movie “Walk Hard” – where Dewey Cox’s wife wanted a house made of candy. Dewey tells her it won’t work – when it rains the candy would melt. She tells him, “Well, maybe not!”

    This passage is a really strong snipe at Congress. Congress is here accused of deluded thinking, denial of reality – and associated with the absurd and obscene images from “Walk Hard – The Dewey Cox Story”.

    Seems pretty accurate to me. I might have thrown in more intentional fraud and deceit. Since Congress and Obama accused Bush of being the culprit for the economic crisis that Congress and the Democrats, including Bill Clinton, created and refused to correct. As long as Congress is, as an institution, lying to the American public, I have no qualms about pointing out their obscene delusions.


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