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Three-picture Thursday: 11/06/08

Posted by Lissa on November 6, 2008

I’m really not a fan of time changes, y’all.  I mean, sure, it’s lovely to have an extra hour of sleep on a random fall evening, but then you pay for it in the spring and it’s like you didn’t gain anything.  Plus, now that I volunteer Sundays at the Lissaville (Home of the Evil Conservatives) Animal Shelter, I can’t bank that hour until Monday morning when it would actually be helpful.

But my true disappointment this year stemmed from abruptly losing my evening scenery.  See, the train I take into Boston goes across a tidal basin (um, lake?  bay?  marsh?) and I’ve gotten into the habit of watching it morning and evening.  I’m fascinated by the low-tide-high-tide changes and, while I’ve not yet worked out the actual tidal schedule, I have high hopes that one day I will do so.  However, it will have to wait till spring, as there are not sufficient lights to see anything but a dark, glimmering mass during my evening commutes.  It went from a glorious sunset-reflecting wildlife-attracting piece of eye candy to . . . shiny black.  Boo!  Ah well, this is what I still get to see in the morning:  (If you click to embiggen, check the right side and you can see it’s not high tide.)


Breda, I hope you won’t be offended that this made me think of you, but look, everyone — you may be missing a body part but SO WHAT, you can achieve your dreams!  We would hope that dream is to marry a nice Mike and be a librarian, but, hey, if it’s to be an anorexic junkie-looking fashion model — yes, you can!  Of course, you’d need to have a magical levitation system so you don’t fall over . . .


I would seriously shriek in fright and run away crying (and feeling for weapons) if this ever came towards me.  Wouldn’t you?  (Whereas Breda — I’d invite her over for fresh-baked bread and some IPA.  In fact — consider the invitation issued, and open-ended.)

Finally, to provide some nice mind-bleach as relief to the scary woman above, yet another beloved member of my shoe collection:


Yes, they have some scuff marks.  You know what?  I BET YOU’VE GOT SOME SCUFF MARKS TOO, BUDDY, SO JUDGE NOT AND STEP OFF.

EDIT: You know, the more I look at that fashion model the more I shake my head.  It’s not even the bungled Photoshop, although that’s entertaining.  How on earth did unrealistic plastic painfully skinny women become a beauty ideal?  Look at that woman’s calf — you could snap it by whacking it with a feather duster!  Give me Kim’s women, any day.

4 Responses to “Three-picture Thursday: 11/06/08”

  1. Breda said

    it took me a minute to realize what you were talking about – but hey! Levitation! Sweet! (and weird)

  2. Lissa said

    Yeah, any time you have a (toothpick) calf sprouting out of your shin it’s probably not a good thing . . .

  3. Brad K said

    Lissa, the stick model is supposed to appeal to the degenerate pedophile, by selling the ever-young ‘first blush’ allure of youth. Fashion is ritualized kiddie porn. Without the Department of Justice chasing them (for some God-forsaken reason) for intentionally parading models *portraying* minors in seductive poses.

    Recall Gone With The Wind? Scarlett’s “beauty” included her coresetted 22 inch waist, her never-seen-the-sun white complexion. The pampered, never done nothing houseflower, offered for sale to the highest bidder. No experience, no skills, no character at all.

    Umm – sorry, that got a bit one-sided, I guess. I don’t think much of the fashion industry myself.

  4. Lissa said

    Heh. Actually, it was a 17 inch waist, and the first sentence of the book is, “Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm as the Tarleton twins were.” Plus, she was a ruthless and intelligent survivor who chafed at the weakness of all her male partners/protectors as she took responsibility for the welfare of her family in the aftermath of the war. So even though she could be an evil manipulative bitch she’s got my thumbs-up for fashion 🙂

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