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See? Not all the stories are sad!

Posted by Lissa on November 5, 2008

Well, it starts out kind of sad, but then it gets happy, and it’s just a question of what KIND of happy.

Meet Rose, an absolute sweetheart doggie:


I walked by her cage at the Lissaville Animal Shelter last weekend and couldn’t believe it.  I mean, just LOOK at her.  Who would ever abandon a face like that???

Yeah, here’s the sad part.  She’s a stray that just wandered up the street one day.  Yes, either she got lost or someone abandoned her.  Maybe both.

But here’s the happy part:

A foster family took her in.  Then they took her trick-or-treating on Halloween . . . so that they could ask everyone in their surrounding area if they recognized the dog.

And . . . when no one did . . . over the desperate, begging pleas of their kids, the parents brought Rose to the animal shelter, in case she belonged to someone who loved her and missed her.

Are y’all feeling warm and cuddly yet?  No?  Well, okay, here’s the capper: they brought her to the shelter because it was the right thing to do, but if no one claims her they most definitely want to keep her.  So she came to us with a family all lined up, and one way or another she’ll be going to a loving home.

Now, that warmed my cold lil’ black heart.  I love happy endings!

(P.S. Of course, if she WAS callously abandoned, a super-happy ending would probably include throwing the jerk in with our pit bulls, but I’m okay with our regular-level happy ending.  Besides, all our pit bulls are sweeties too, and would only slobber on the surprise guest.  A pity.)


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