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Voter Fraud!!!! . . . . . . not

Posted by Lissa on November 4, 2008

I voted!  Yay!!

Of course, it was a little difficult, because this site gave me the wrong place to vote.  Bad voting site!  Lucky for me, then, I didn’t get up early to vote the way I originally intended.  By the time I came home from work, there was a nice sign posted in the elevator which read, “MA WEBSITE IS WRONG, VOTING PLACE IS LIBRARY AS USUAL.”  But there were no lines, yay!

Just a lil’ reminder that 1) the plural of anecdote is not data, 2) screwups happen, 3) many are accidental incompetence, nor evil conspiracies.


One Response to “Voter Fraud!!!! . . . . . . not”

  1. Mike said

    Don’t forget that they checked your ID and not mine. Clearly, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts is suppressing the votes of minorities.

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