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Posted by Lissa on November 4, 2008


Vote vote vote like a baby stoat!  (Shamelessly ganked from CuteOverload.com)

Remember, people have fought and bled and died for the right to vote.  It’s been 88 years since the Susan B. Anthony amendment, less than a century since women were guaranteed the right to vote.  Grab a book and a bottle of water and stand in line to be counted.


2 Responses to “Vote!”

  1. No way! My forebears did not fight for my right to vote, they fought for my liberty. I refuse to participate in this sham, as I explain in my post today.
    p.s. love your blog; I’m reading you every day now.

  2. Lissa said

    CounterClckWise – thanks for reading! Took a quick look over at your place; I’ll have to look back when I have more time to read the backup

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