Escape your life for a little while — come play in mine.

Rajah says . . .

Posted by Lissa on October 31, 2008

Eat mor beef!  (Also that he’s going to kill me in my sleep, but whatever.)  Click on the pix for the full chickeny glory!

Of course, not ALL the pix were perfect . . .

Happy Halloween! 

P.S. For those of you who worried about Lissa getting her arms shredded . . . thanks, but no worries.  This cat is WAY docile. 

5 Responses to “Rajah says . . .”

  1. langtry said

    Oh my, Rajah is so cute. Chicken costume or no, she’s the bees knees! And so is your Man — nothing’s better than a guy who is secure enough in his masculinity to love the kitties.

  2. Ruwago said

    Docile or not, that is one seriously ticked off looking cat. Except for the one where he is in costume on his back, that one has more of a “Let’s get this over with” vibe.

  3. Jay G. said

    Caption for second picture from top: “If I hearz another time joke how we tayst laik chiken I’m gonna byt some1″…

  4. Breda said

    omg, I think I just peed myself from laughing.
    Caption for #2 – “I hate you so hard.”

  5. Jennifer said

    I can’t believe Rajah let you do that!!

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