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The hell with Robin Hood, bring me the Holy Hand Grenade

Posted by Lissa on October 29, 2008

No bow and arrow for me, thanks.

If this was my house, and a man did this to me, I’d be going for a g**damn RPG launcher.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia  —  A Malaysian man has been accused of trying to hurt his neighbor with a dangerous weapon — centipedes.

Prosecutor Mazri Mohamed said Wednesday that R. Prabakaran has been charged with attempting to cause harm with a dangerous weapon after allegedly unleashing four centipedes and bugs in his neighbor’s bed last week following an argument.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT MALAYSIAN CENTIPEDES LOOK LIKE?  Horrible pictures below the fold.  No, seriously horrific awful disgusting pictures.  If you click, do not blame me for recurring nightmares.


I have a massive phobia about their tiny, comparatively well-behaved cousins the House Centipedes:

I seriously got the creepies and crawlies just looking for that picture. 

As Judy Abbot wrote in Daddy Long Legs, “They are dreadful creatures.  I’d rather find a tiger under the bed.”

I’m going to run away and cry now.

(h/t Best of the Web.  Damn them.  And edited to fix a link.)

12 Responses to “The hell with Robin Hood, bring me the Holy Hand Grenade”

  1. Jeff said

    If you really want the crawlies, check out http://www.cracked.com/article_15816_5-most-horrifying-bugs-in-world.html

  2. Ted said

    When we lived in Atlanta, I was surprised one day to find a scorpion in our basement. A finished basement.

    Mr. Louisville Slugger and I had a chat with him, though. I didn’t see any more after that. I guess word gets around in the scorpion community.

  3. Jay G. said

    Heh. Scorpions.

    Took a cruise out of Tampa to Cozumel, Mexico the spring before Mrs. G and I tied the knot. We went with friends of ours (another couple) to share the expense. While in Cozumel, doing the tourist thing, we happened upon a shop that sold onyx chessboards (it was onyx and something else for the white, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was. Anyway, I digress).

    My buddy was talking to the proprietor, when he jumped back and let out a rather colorful string of spanish profanities. My buddy looks at him, and queries “Es la cucaracha?”

    The shop owner replies, haltingly, “No es la cucaracha. Es [pause] ESCORPION!”

    I’ve never seen a fat man move that quickly. My friend didn’t stick around long either…

  4. Lissa said


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  6. Ahab said

    OH. MY. GOD.


    I hate hate hate hate centipedes. I can barely stand to kill them in my house. Spiders? No problem. Snakes? Bring ’em on. Fucking gross ass bugs? Oh yeah. Centipedes? Get my fucking shotgun.

  7. DJ said

    Found you via google….eeeeek! It’s 4am and there is one of those THINGS in my office. Somewhere. This is the third time I’ve seen one this month, never seen before in my house (or in my LIFE).

    Managed to clobber the first one a coupla weeks ago. Secions of legs came off in threes and fours and KEPT MOVING. Oh I am NEVER gonna sleep tonight!!

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  10. Jane said

    As scary and creepy as they may appear, house centipedes are blind. SO don’t think they are really chasing you.
    I never see bugs in my house. Probably because I have cats.

  11. ter said

    I have house centipedes…. i think there disguting and i cant get rid of them…

  12. Debbie said

    I hate these ugly crawling things. To me they are dirty disgusting bugs and unclean.I would love to disbar them from my home,but how.

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