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Micro versus Macro

Posted by Lissa on October 29, 2008

Less than a week to go, and I really really look forward to this thing being over.

As readers of this blog know, I’m a John McCain future-voter.  Not because I particularly like him, but because I think Barack Obama is a socialist and I don’t approve of socialism, neither politically nor economically.  I held that opinion before the damning 2001 tape came to light (er, sound?), and it was by far the easiest to express in discussion with my friends and family.  Less easy to voice to that audience are my fears regarding the war in Iraq, the safety of our country and peoples, the health and strength of our economy, the potential for Supreme Court justices who judge by skin color and empathy rather than fairness and blind justice, free speech and discourse for dissenters, and the impact on world peace of a chastened, self-flagellating American foreign policy under an Obama presidency.  Oh, and the tax plan that Mike absolutely loathes.  So, on a macro level I’m very much hoping that McCain wins.

A confession, though: On a micro level, I really don’t look forward to a McCain victory.

If Obama loses, the vast majority of my friends and family are going to be DEVASTATED.  I mean, completely depressed angered saddened disappointed furious outraged DEVASTATED.  It would be a complete sh*t-storm here in Boston, and my umbrella ain’t that big. 

While I do not believe that an Obama loss would be due to skin color, I know many people will think it so.  And will say that loudly, over and over and over and over and over and over again.  You’d have to be a crazy person to look forward to that.

Does that mean I’m voting Obama?  No.  Does that mean I hope he wins?  Nope.  I hope McCain wins. 

But I’m definitely building up a stockpile of wine and chocolate to deal with the aftermath.

7 Responses to “Micro versus Macro”

  1. Anonymous said

    But I’m definitely building up a stockpile of wine and chocolate to deal with the aftermath.

    Don’t forget the ammo.

    Don’t feel alone. Many of us are not looking forward to a McCain administration for many different reasons.

    The best we can hope for is a Republican Executive and a Democrat Legislative.

    Hopefully they’d be so busy kicking each other in the nads that neither would have the time or energy to do much more than superficial damage over the next four years.

    If it’s Democrat – Democrat…we’re screwed. Hello “People’s Republic of America”.

  2. Brad K said

    I don’t understand why the Democratic Congress is getting a free ride – looking to retain leadership when they are the real culprits for the economic crisis.

    And I have heard others that expect to see riots in the streets, nationwide, no matter who wins.

    Change, indeed, and we will still have the same set-in-their-ways Democratic-led Congress.

  3. OrangeneckInNY said

    Here’s a new blog my friend opened up on political intercourse/discourse and debate: http://concernedusacitizen.blogspot.com/ Be civil.

  4. JD said

    Look at it this way. . . Better to have the family upset over an Obama loss than out of work and worried about the next meal or house payment due to the economic collapse Obama will cause. . .

    Which is better, a few weeks of upset or a few years of a national if not world wide depression. . . .

  5. Nancy said

    Wine and chocolate indeed.

    Either way its going to be a bumpy ride.

  6. Jeff said

    I think guns and ammo is a better choice than wine and chocolate, but to each her own.

  7. chrisb said

    If McCain wins, and you really want to drive them crazy, just say, “I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for a black man.”, and see what happens.

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