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My brain needs to come with an auto-shutdown switch

Posted by Lissa on October 24, 2008

Finished the sixth Black Dagger book last night, when I shouldn’t have.  But I was SO CLOSE to the end and it wasn’t THAT late and . . .  all right, all right, I was up till 1:30 AM.  Dammit.

And then I check the news this morning and bad stories are cropping up from all over.  I thought about blogging them — about an incident that’s either a hate-crime* or a disgusting hoax, and awful either way; and about a book that, if you buy a copy and read it I will so never talk to you again; and about what SHOULD be a campaign scandal splashed all over the news, only it’s not a Republican scandal so it won’t be — but I’m too tired.  And I’d rather not start my weekend with news that depressing.

So, have a kitty pic, while I fantasize about naps!  (Please ignore the mess.  That was the Hobbit Hole, my very first apartment.  I’m much neater now.  Swear.)

Yes.  Sometimes he is content to sit in his Lissalounger.  Cats are not to be understood, only petted.

*I’m with John Stossel and Thomas Sowell on hate crimes — I think that if a person hits another person in the head with a brick, their respective skin colors matter not at all compared to the fact of brick meeting head.  Your mileage may vary.


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