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Three-picture Thursday: 10/23/08

Posted by Lissa on October 23, 2008

These boots are made for walking.  Or strutting.  Or simply lounging about.

In honor of the massive shoe-fetish-indulgence the media’s been putting on Palin . . .

 . . . I would like to share some of my nearest-and-dearest with y’all.

These are my usual commuter boots; classy-but-sturdy, comfortable for walking and standing and occasionally running across the street:

Whereas the next set?  Totally impractical.  Boots to wear out to a dinner, NOT to tackle the cobblestones outside Faneuil Hall:

And finally, my SUPER-practical black boots.  They’re actually wonderful snow-shoveling boots because they’ve knee-high and have awesome traction.  They’re also terrific crotch-kicking boots, but, well, you knew that without being told.  (Click to embiggen.  Really.  Do it.)

Awwwww yeah, baby.  Lara Croft meets Catherine Banning.  You know you want them 🙂

(h/t Acefor the Palin-shoes)

P.S. I’ve actually got one more pair of knee-high black boots.  Maybe next week?


4 Responses to “Three-picture Thursday: 10/23/08”

  1. Jay G. said

    They’re also terrific crotch-kicking boots, but, well, you knew that without being told.

    Please do not wear these boots to the next bloggershoot, kthanksbye…

  2. Lissa said

    But, Jay G, they have such awesome traction and no WAY could ticks crawl up my legs! It’s not like I *have* to use them to kick crotches!

  3. Mike Martlet said

    By the looks of those cruel boots you could certainly ruin a guy for good with just one forceful kick! But then so could most of the boots shown; although the pointed ones would take at least two! 😉

    To how many of you does the crotch kicking qualities of your footwear occur?

  4. Anonymous said

    where did you buy thoose boots, i want them for years, those Catherine Banning`s boots

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