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Official LookingForLissa Product Endorsement

Posted by Lissa on October 23, 2008

O happy, joyous day!!!!

I’ve mentioned before that when I like books, I read them over and over until I have passages practically memorized.  This is all very well when I have a copy of the book, but can occasionally cause problems: sometimes I remember passages but not the title, or author, of the book.  It’s like having a half-remembered song in your head that you’re DYING to sing, but all you can come up with is half a refrain.  (Think Canadian Bacon: “Booorn in the USA! . . . um .  . . Boooorn in the USA! . . . . uh . . . . Booooooooorn in the USA!”)

I would therefore like to give a big, hearty, enthusiastic honkin’ endorsement to this site:

Loganberry Books
Stump the Bookseller!

It costs $2 to submit a stumper and my money was very, very well spent.  This is what I sent as a query:

G492: Girl growing up in tsarist Russia
Girl loves languages, cannot learn math; older brother ends up leaving Russia and going to England, breaking with family; she meets Catherine the Great when her sleigh breaks down; at the end marries an up-and-coming young noble who introduces potatoes to the region.  Help please!

And the hint I received:

E. M. Almedingen.  May be one of the books by Almedingen.  She wrote several set in Tsarist Russia, mostly based on family history.  I didn’t read them all, and those I read didn’t include one with math being an issue for a female main character.  Still, it may be worth checking out this author’s works.   The description sounds like Almedingen’s work.  (You can ignore Young Mark.  Except for the Tsarist Russia setting, it has no common elements with your story.)

Bingo!  It’s Anna, by E.M. Almedingen.  I received a copy from Worldbooks.com (by way of Amazon) and I swear to you I will sleep better tonight.  Purrrrrrrrr.

(Oh, and the fact that Mike comes home tonight will probably help, but seriously.  I love that site and would bake it cookies.)


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