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Joe-sephina the Plumberess*

Posted by Lissa on October 20, 2008

Anyone reading this obviously reads blogs that are bigger and better than mine, i.e., this is Old News to you.  Nonetheless, I’m going to take a moment and jump on the pigpile.

It does not matter what Joe’s political affiliation was or is.
It does not matter whether he goes by his first or middle name.
It does not matter whether he has tax liens against him.
It does not matter how many times “Joe the Plumber” was mentioned in a Presidential debate.
It does not matter whether he has an official “Sanctioned by the State” Plumber License.

Joe is not running for a political office.  He did not ask to be on TV with Barack Obama.  He did not ask for a handout from the government.  He did not volunteer to be a poster-child for a program, or law, or reform.

He is a guy who happened to be on a front lawn playing football.  Barack Obama came by door-to-door-ing and Joe the Plumber asked him a question.  Obama’s answer was revealing, or controversial, or wonderfully eloquent and perfect — no matter.  What you think of Obama’s response has nothing to do with the shameful treatment of Joe the Plumber.

No private citizen asking a simple question of a political candidate should EVER, repeat EVER, be subjected to the horrific and disgusting media feeding-frenzy that has surrounded him.  We have no right to know his divorce or tax or job records.  HE IS NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE.

That is so freaking simple it should not require any explanation.

I am Joe-sephina the Plumberess.  You mess with him, you mess with me.

(P.S.  Okay, not really a plumberess, because I have an absolute horror of clogged toilets dating back to an encounter with the Golgathan.  You don’t want to know, trust me.)

UPDATE: Jay G and Chris linked, thanks!  And TOTWTYTR, Ted and JD were among the thousands who beat me off the starting line for this one.  OrangeNeck, I can’t send you a bumper sticker because they haven’t yet set up a company or third-party that would send the proceeds directly to Joe; Iowahawk’s asking you to print ’em out and make your own.


8 Responses to “Joe-sephina the Plumberess*”

  1. Gwyneth said

    I wandered here via Breda’s page and I have to say that was very well put. I don’t know Joe from adam but I am so angry with the treatment he is receiving. It is complete BS that some poor guy asks a simple question (hypothetical no less!!) and gets jumped on from all sides in such a negative way. For crying out loud move ON people. Not to mention the nasty things nobama has said in his little rally speaches about it (sorry, rambling, I dont usually post replies and when I do they’re always far more concise; see it makes THAT upset).

  2. Lissa said

    Thank you, and welcome to my humble pad 🙂

  3. Ted said

    Josephina, there are only 4 things you need to remember about plumbing:

    1. Hot goes on the left.

    2. Cold goes on the right.

    3. The drain needs to flow downhill.

    4. Don’t chew your fingernails.


  4. Lissa said


  5. Les said

    Isn’t it amazing the left wing media found out more background info on Joe in 24 hrs than they have on Barack in 4 years?

  6. totwtytr said


    There can’t be enough links and references to this. The big media is in the bag for Obama and it’s hundreds or thousands of small bloggers like you and tiny bloggers like me that have to carry the message forward.

  7. OrangeNeckInNY said

    Where can I get the I AM JOE bumper sticker? I want to print one out and stick it to the bumper of my truck. Email it to meeeeeeeeeeeeee…please?? 🙂

  8. […] I’ve mentioned in passing my soul-stultifying fear of clogged toilets.  I’d rather face a brain-eating zombie any day of the week (and twice on […]

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