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Good morning!

Posted by Lissa on October 20, 2008

Wow!  I fly down to Atlanta for ONE NIGHT and miss the Breda-lanche.  Holy New Commenters, Batman!

We flew down to attend a surprise birthday party for one of Mike’s business-school friends (he turned 30).  He’s one of Mike’s friends that I like the best, so it was really nice to see him; also, he was completely and adorably touched by the thirty-or-so people who came, mostly from out-of-town.  His speech at the toast was along the lines of, “I can’t believe you all did this for me.  You know, if this is what thirty means, that you get to spend time with all these awesome people who care about you, then I could turn thirty every damn day.”  Awwww!

No doubt I should have spent last night catching up with the news and the world and updating my blog.  However, I have a robust and healthy stockpile of hedonism, so instead I climbed into a hot bath for an hour.  Sadly, I also have a robust and healthy stockpile of cold germs I’m valiantly battling (SPARTAAAAAAAAA!), so I cut open six packets of peppermint tea and bathed my sinuses in aromatherapy.  (What?  I couldn’t find any bath crystals except Mango Madness, and my sinuses were clogged!  And no jokes about teabagging, please, this is a ladylike and decorous site.  No really.)

I would like to conclude this Daily Scrap with my utmost conviction that the person who invented Puffs Plus (i.e., tissues-with-lotion) is right up there with the person who invented wheeled suitcases.  They are both impregnated with Teh Awesome and shall find just reward in the afterlife.

Sniffle.  Happy Monday!

(P.S. Yes, the cat was very glad we came back; he was chilly without humans to sleep on.  Yes, he expressed his gladness by sitting outside the bathroom door for a SOLID FORTY-FIVE MINUTES and meowing piteously.  The fifteen-minute break came when his auto-feeder dispensed kitty chow, and was much welcomed by his mommy.)


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