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Calling Jay G

Posted by Lissa on October 17, 2008

I thought you said it’d have to be a S&W 500 Magnum?


Ron G. Leming shot this 500-pound grizzly bear at about 10 yards with a bow and arrow as the bear was chasing his son downhill. The arrow severed a major blood vessel, killing the bear within minutes, although it still attacked and injured Leming’s son.

Nicely done, Ron G. Leming.  Although next time you might want to pack a larger caliber.  Like, say, a freaking elephant gun.

(h/t Ace)

UPDATE: Ted linked.  Thanks!

4 Responses to “Calling Jay G”

  1. Jay G. said

    I said the 500 Magnum was needed for large wild hog, not bear.

    For bear, the preferred caliber is something in the 20mm explosive family. At least in my book…

  2. OrangeNeckInNY said

    Some states, like freaking moonbatty NY, they don’t let you carry firearms during the bow hunting season. Pretty stupid, if you ask me, since the bears aren’t hibernating yet when deer season starts.

  3. Chuck Hayes said

    Hmmm, the article says that the bear still attacked and injured his son but he still paused long enough to pose for the photo. Jumpin’ Jehosaphat folks, I don’t know maybe the son only got minor scrapes and bruises, but still, kinda makes you wonder.

    Yes, any state that does not let you carry a firearm during bow season is moonbatty. Not all of us are Robin Hood with a bow, but, most of us can usually hit the vital areas of large game with a firearm and if you are using something like hydrashock or at least hollowpoints then, if I were game warden I would intuit that you were carrying for self-protection rather than hunting with the firearm and would let it go.

    Personal Opinion Only(POO) and yes I know it might stink to some

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