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Surely they can do better than that

Posted by Lissa on October 15, 2008

But, no, apparently they can’t.  And don’t call me Shirley.

  • Out of the 13,000 workers responsible for collecting voter registrations how many have you fired for fraudulent activity? “It’s a good question, I don’t have the number but I can try to find out,” Whelan said.
  • Out of the 1.3 million voters registered by ACORN, is there any guess at how many are “Mickey Mouse” or duplicate registrations? “It probably won’t be after the election that we can tell you.”
  • Because state law requires you to submit every registration you collect, what percentage of the total voter registrations submitted does ACORN actually flag as being problematic before you send them in? “I want to not give a number that I can’t back up.”
    (Italics in original)

Translation: “I have absolutely no idea and I don’t care either.  Stop asking questions, you insolent little man, and let me go back to rigging the election.”  Yes, these folks get your tax dollars.

Seriously, for anyone who works in the private sector, can you imagine a press conference like that?  I mean, Ye Olde Financial Company has had a couple tricky ones now and again, and we would have been laughed right out of our 401K’s if we’d tried to pass that mush off as an “answer.”  And it’s not like WE get funded by the taxpayer!

(Read the longer summary here.)


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