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I Love Ziva, Part II

Posted by Lissa on October 14, 2008

My adoration/massive girl-crush for Ziva has already been well-documented, of course.  But we watched two episodes last night (Season 3, Kill Ari Parts I and II) and the end was so beautiful and sad that it actually  made me cry.



These episodes are the first time we meet Ziva, which is entertaining in and of itself.  While I do think the episode could have been improved — it would have been better if we, like Gibbs and his team, spent the episodes wondering if Ari was in fact the bad guy — the end was pure gold.  Poor Ziva ends up having to shoot Ari, since he has become a self-proclaimed monster.  (Mike:  “A pistol?  From that range?”  Lissa:  “Mossad!  Ziva!  Shut up!”)  She then sings a mourning song in Hebrew over his body, of which this clip captures just a few seconds.  However, since you all chimed in on being Ziva fans (I’m thinking of you, Em), I felt like I just OWED it to y’all to give you the full thing. 

So, here it is.  As played on my computer and bootlegged old-school (like, dinosaur-old-school) by holding up a camera while it played on the computer.  The sound and picture suck and I *still* think it’s hauntingly lovely.

 And, yes, if you knew how long it took me to 1) unsuccessfully try to find that online, 2) find a way to download the episode, 3) upload that long and poor-quality camera-video, well, you would know the depths of my obsession.

Want a REAL Ziva video?  Try this one 🙂

(edited for grammar)

UPDATE: Linked by Breda the Great.  Thanks!

UPDATE 6/7/09: The video’s been deleted, so I re-linked a still-valid YouTube.

4 Responses to “I Love Ziva, Part II”

  1. Breda said

    Whoa, that dress! Rowr! And, about the “Mossad! Ziva! Shut up!”? I totally totally agree!

  2. Lissa said

    AND the girl can sing. That’s it, we’re running off to NCIS!!

  3. secretlivesofscientists said

    I WANT that dress. I missed NCIS yesterday b/c I had to work late 😦

    I did, however, catch some of Breda on the fun nuts show. Groovy.

  4. B Smith said

    Yeah, I love Ziva, especially when she’s deflating DiNozo (?)
    But, I just gotta say, Abby’s my favorite. Especially when she’s dealing with Gibbs…HEH!

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