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Calling Rachel Lucas

Posted by Lissa on October 13, 2008

Dear Rachel,

I will pay you one hundred bajillion imaginary LissaBucks if you make Sunny attempt to duplicate this performance:


(h/t Cute Overload)

UPDATE: Rachel pointed out below that Sunny would be firmly opposed to such physical activity.  I do believe, however, that I have found suitable bait (it’s grainy, but you get the idea):

Heeeeeeere, Sunny-Sunny-Sunny!

UPDATE UPDATE: Rachel linked.  Thanks!


3 Responses to “Calling Rachel Lucas”


    That is about the funniest dog vid I’ve seen in ages. I’m going to post it too!

    And uhh, Lissa? There is no trampoline that could hold Sunny. Particularly a jumping Sunny. Not to mention the fact that Sunny is too fat, lazy, and insolent to jump. Also the fact that I would need a ramp to even get her ON the trampoline. Just picturing her engaging in that behavior makes my head swim with all the insanity. Heh.

    But I like the idea of LissaBucks. I want!

  2. Lissa said

    I’ve GOT to come up with some kind of magical bouncing pork-balls . . . anyone have video of trampoline-pigs???

  3. Okay now THAT might make Sunny do something.

    Cute pig though. It actually reminds me of Sunny, ironically enough. She does resemble a pig, after all.

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