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I am in LOVE

Posted by Lissa on October 11, 2008

with this girl:

No, not Cote de Pablo, although I’m sure she’s a lovely person and a talented actress.  I’m in love with her character from NCIS, Ziva David.

Mike got me into watching NCIS as a welcome change from Law & Order SVU.  I love shows where they solve a mystery every episode; 24 pissed me off to no end because it was like a 18-hour movie.  (Please note that we watched it on DVD; you knock off 25% of the time for commercials.  Also please note that if I’d watched the show live it would have taken me at least 24 WEEKS and I’d likely be certifiably insane.)  However, the crimes on SVU are pretty freaking gruesome and not a good thing to watch before falling asleep.

NCIS, on the other hand, has largely non-disgusting crimes (a few exceptions, of course) and enough endearing or funny characters to be suitable bedtime watching.  And, of course, Ziva gives happy dreams.

O Ziva my Ziva!  The character is a petite female who happens to be on loan from the Israeli Mossad; she therefore combines beauty with kick-assery and also humor (she’s constantly screwing up her English idioms).  A few choice examples:

Ziva David: This is killing me. I feel like I know him.

Anthony DiNozzo: Mossad?

Ziva David: Maybe.

Anthony DiNozzo: Internet dating?

Ziva David: [picks up a paperclip] I will kill you 18 different ways with THIS paperclip!


DiNozzo: [about to enter and arrest a suspected murderer] Just stay behind me and follow my lead.

Special Agent Ziva David: I’m not a probie, Tony. I have been in a few of these situations.

DiNozzo: Not with me.

Special Agent Ziva David: So? I have not had sex with you either. Would that make me a virgin?


NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: So, let me guess. You guys caught a bad case of “DiNozzo-itis”, had Vance send you down south?

Ziva David, Mossad Liaison: “DiNozzo-itis”. Sounds venereal.

Sadly, they don’t have my FAVORITE quote, from when she popped up behind a bad guy and told him to drop his weapon.  When he hesitated, she offered him an alternative: “Or, I could shoot you in the spine.  Would you like to be a quadra- or a paraplegic?)”

Now, of course I realize there’s no place for us.  She’d want to live in Israel and I’m quite happy in the States.  Also, it’s more of a girl-crush than a real hankering for a relationship.  And yet, dear readers, if I ever disappear off the face of the earth, you can look for me in the next episode of NCIS.  Check your local listings.

P.S. Mike, sweetie, of course I’d take you with me.  You seem to like petite brunettes, so I imagine we’d all get along just fine . . .

(Updated to fix picture)

9 Responses to “I am in LOVE”

  1. vanderleun said

    Petite brunettes? Okay, you and Ziva can just move right in with me.

    Have to leave Mike out in the cold though since that would violate my “one penis in the room” rule.

  2. vanderleun said

    P.S. If you are otherwise occupied, just send Ziva.

  3. Mike said

    Your picture of Ziva doesn’t work! Is a shame 😦

  4. Breda said

    Yes! I like NCIS and have a HUGE Ziva girlcrush too. She’s gorgeous, tough, funny as heck, and says stuff like this (with a straight face)

    Ziva: What do women try to achieve by cracking eggs on a man’s car?
    McGee: Most men love their cars, it’s a way of saying “You broke my heart, I break yours.”
    Ziva: In Israel, we just shoot men who are untrue.

    Ziva: You really find her attractive?
    Tony: Oh, yeah.
    Ziva: Well, I want to shoot her.

    (Tony sees that Ziva’s hands and feet are bandaged and covered in blood.)
    Tony: I thought you said you were at Pilates.
    Ziva: Well isn’t that one of your martial arts?
    Tony: No, it’s kind of like expensive stretching.
    Ziva: Well then I guess I wasn’t doing a Pilates. Do you mind helping me with this? (indicating her bandages)
    Tony: Yes I do mind. Who’s blood is that?
    Ziva: Not mine.

    Seriously. The perfect woman.

  5. Lissa said

    Welcome, Vanderleun! I read your stuff all the time, mostly referred by Bookworm

    Mike, I fixed the picture; I would not deprive you pictures of My Ziva!

    Breda — that quote about Pilates I *loved*! I almost included it but decided it would make the post too long. You’re a petite brunette with a Mike, I’m sure it’d be okay if you came too!

  6. secretlivesofscientists said

    ZOMG Lissa – welcome to the NCIS Ziva worship circle! She’s my new Buffy.

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