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Posted by Lissa on October 10, 2008

Rachel‘s got a stomach-turning account of Life-Behind-the-[Unauthorized]-Wire:

A gardener has been ordered by council chiefs to remove three foot high barbed wire ringing his allotment – in case thieves scratch themselves climbing over it.

Go read, it’s an absolutely delightful rant on an absolutely disgusting case, and wraps up with this darling:


This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love Rachel.


3 Responses to “Seriously??”

  1. JD said

    wouldn’t be in the lovely socialist UK now would it?

  2. Hey girl! One hell of a story isn’t it? My first thought was exactly yours – SERIOUSLY??? I don’t know why this stuff from the UK still surprises me.

    And to answer your question from my comments: take take take! The pics and posters are for public consumption and you can use them all you want. I’m just glad they make someone laugh because I crack myself up making them.

  3. Lissa said

    JD — why, however did you guess??

    Rachel — O Yay!!!!! 🙂

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