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The drinking game from last night

Posted by Lissa on October 8, 2008

Anyone watch the Debate last night?  Apparently the drinking game to play was a shot every time you heard “My friends.”  Of course, the immediate aftermath of such a game would have been a lovely trip to the ER, so we demurred.  I seriously considered Nyquil-blogging, but even when I halve the recommended dose I spend the next morning woozy.  Trying an alternate today — no Nyquil last night, so I slept poorly and got up early, but I had a decent breakfast and took a Dayquil before coming to work.  We’ll see.

Thank you everyone who sent sympathy and healthy-vibes my way.  I know that one is supposed to be grown-up and stoic about these things but, I swear, when I don’t feel good I just want to crawl into bed with a box of tissues and whimper until it’s all over.  Luckily, Mike and I (so far) tend to get sick at different times; he kindly baby-sat me and took care of dinner.  And, yes, I found it kind of cute that he managed to burn the taco shells — don’t worry, they were still edible 🙂

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


2 Responses to “The drinking game from last night”

  1. Sailorcurt said

    I’ve never understood that whole “be stoic and tough it out” when sick concept.

    The end result is you go to work, spread the virus around the office and make other employees sick.

    Overall, the hit on productivity would be much less if you just took a few days off to at least get past the “highly contagious” stage of the illness and didn’t spread it around. You would think that employers would encourage sick time in a case like that to prevent infecting half the work force…but they don’t. If you are capable of occupying your normal work station and are still breathing, they expect you to be there, regardless of what effect that may have on the rest of their employees.

    Oh well. I guess if I don’t like it I should start my own company. Not bloody likely…work is not my life; work is what I do so I can have a life…in which case I’d better stop complaining and get back to it.

  2. Lissa said

    Hmmm. I’m sure someone who isn’t hopped up on cold meds could make a great analysis of this . . . in my case, selfish self-interest makes me come to work, even if my co-workers suffer by extension. You see, 1) being out sick looks bad on your record (Ye Olde Financial Company does keep track); 2) if I have a filing with the SEC, I don’t trust anyone else in the office to get it exactly right. My project, my ass on the line, y’know?

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