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Don Surber for President

Posted by Lissa on October 8, 2008

Don gives the answers he’d have liked in last night’s debate:

Question: President Bush, you’ll remember, last summer, said that “Wall Street got drunk.” A lot of people now look back and think the federal government got drunk and, in fact, the American consumers got drunk. How would you, as president, try to break those bad habits of too much debt and too much easy credit, specifically, across the board, for this country, not just at the federal level, but as a model for the rest of the country, as well?

Answer: Tom, you ask a question once again. These questions are supposed to come from the American people, not a Washington-based journalist. If I wanted questions from you, I’d go on “Meet The Press.” Your question, with all due respect, is self-answering. Wall Street got drunk. Let it sober itself up instead of covering for it with $700 billion that we taxpayers simply do not have.

Question: Would you give Congress a date certain to reform Social Security and Medicare within two years after you take office?

Answer: Tom, listen to me. And yourself. You just admonished my worthy opponent for speaking longer than you want. And then you break the rules by asking another question instead of allowing these good people who waited in line to be part of this audience to ask their questions. And only a Washington-based journalist would ask about “a date certain.” Setting a deadline to grapple with such a long-term problem is a recipe for a disaster. In one word, no. In two words, hell no. [snip]

Question: Should we fund a Manhattan-like project that develops a nuclear bomb to deal with global energy and alternative energy or should we fund 100,000 garages across America, the kind of industry and innovation that developed Silicon Valley?

Answer: Thank you for your question, Mr. Brokaw. The federal government did not develop the assembly line, or the incandescent light bulb, or develop Hollywood. And while the Internet was a largely governmental invention, it took private enterprise to figure out a way to exploit it. The World Wide Web was developed by 100,000 garages. A few of them became Apple and Google. Most became Failed Dot Com. So I would favor a Silicon Valley over a Manhattan Project, which by the way would be tied up in environmental impact statements if we tried it today.

RTWT.  D’ye think he wants to belong to the Piranha Party?


One Response to “Don Surber for President”

  1. Sarah said

    Thanks for pointing this out. I especially liked his list of priorities.

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