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What is it about weddings . . .

Posted by Lissa on October 3, 2008

 . . . that makes the world descend into craziness?

I’ve not yet sent out reminder cards, let alone invitations, and I’ve already got my first potential boycott.

Tell me, those of you who’ve gotten married . . . does it get better, or worse?

UPDATE: Shoothouse Barbie found the perfect hair ornament for me! Go watch her turn a fired bullet . . .

 . . . into something pretty!  See, I *told* you to read the girl!

9 Responses to “What is it about weddings . . .”

  1. JD said

    Not to scare you or anything but the wife and I agreed on the first day of the honeymoon that the best part of said honeymoon was that the wedding crap was all over and behind us. . . .

    Hang in there

  2. Lissa said

    Oy. I was afraid of that!

  3. Jay G. said

    I dunno.

    You’ll have in-laws to contend with after…


  4. Lissa said

    Actually, his in-laws like me. (Fancy that!) They also live in Florida, so they wouldn’t be breathing down my neck anyway

  5. Mike said

    I think you mean my parents like you! I don’t have any in-laws, yet.

  6. Ted said

    Not sure what to add, other than Mrs. Borepatch and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this year. That makes her certifiably insane.

    I think that Weddings are supposed to turn you into blithering idiots, or ur doin it wrong …

    I guess that means “it gets better”. 😉

  7. Lissa said

    Yes, dear, that’s what I meant. Brat 🙂

    And Ted, congrats!

  8. JD said

    Or you could look at it this way – his in-laws better like you. . . .

    We have a strange family, my folks and the in-laws got along great so things like holidays were easy, just all get together at someones house and eat til you can’t move. . . no problems.

    I also have to say I am glad we taped the wedding because in my memory it was just a blur there was so much going on all day. . . you need to go back and watch the video so you know what happened. . . yep, I am really married, it’s there on tape = )

  9. The wedding day itself was a long hard day, but a fun one…everything leading up to it was progressively more stressful and the Mrs. and I got less-and-less civil with eachother.

    Still married life is so friggin worth it!


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