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Three-picture Thursday: Utah edition

Posted by Lissa on October 2, 2008

Y’all thought I forgot, didn’t you? 🙂  (You can click to embiggen; the pix are really quite beautiful.)

We spent a weekend last November in Park City, Utah.  Naturally, we went on the last possible weekend BEFORE it snowed, so we did NOT get to experience that famous Rockie mountain skiing.  (Actually, I kind of hate skiing, whereas I do like hiking.  Therefore I was quite pleased how it worked out.)

That’s a shot from about halfway up Bald Mountain.  Not that I had the proper gear — I was wearing sneakers and a fleece, no gloves — but getting up wasn’t that hard.)  Take a good look at that big, snowy lake . . .

  . . . and see how tiny it is from farther up.  See, I THOUGHT that I’d lived around mountains all my life.  DAMN was I wrong.  I live around ant hills and termite mounds.  Whereas what you see above is a freaking MOUNTAIN.

Aaaaaaaallllllll the way to the top.  It was amazingly, mind-blowingly, fantastically beautiful and impressive.

And no, I did not die on the way down.  But next time, I’m dressing properly!


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