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Pretty kitty!

Posted by Lissa on October 1, 2008

Remember that pig we were talking about?  I found a friend for him!

A police officer didn’t think much of a call to shoo off a bothersome “kitty cat” at a Casper home on Monday. But after the officer arrived at the home, he ran for cover after seeing a male mountain lion weighing 80 to 90 pounds.

Beverly Hood said she was inside when she first saw the mountain lion lying on her porch Monday. Hood said the lion hissed at her, but she wasn’t scared.

Methinks Beverly Hood is a few short of a full deck.  Either that, or — it being Wyoming — she had a good shotgun loaded and cocked.  Or perhaps that S&W 500 Magnum Jay G jokes about?


3 Responses to “Pretty kitty!”

  1. S&W 500 ain’t no joke! Its good medicine for much that ails the world! : ]

    hey you see the latest on the Obama shill that they got to “Moderate” the debate tommroa?

    Honestly that grosses me out ALMOST as much as the Obama-Jungen music video….

  2. Lissa said

    I know, seriously. Although I blame the McCain campaign — they need to Google every moderator and interviewer and contact before saying yes.

  3. Jay G. said

    I thought about that, actually.

    Given the INCREDIBLY slanted media coverage, isn’t it likely that McCain refusing the debate because of the moderator’s bias would be headlined as “PALIN AFRAID TO DEBATE!!!”?

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