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Posted by Lissa on September 29, 2008

It’s cloudy and drizzly outside with a chance of pouring.  Also, the cat curled up on my legs TWICE this morning during the alarm-snooze cycle (which lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, I kid you not) and managed to lull me into REM sleep RIGHT before I really had to get up.  (I dreamed that Mike was a superhero who could fly, only he had to recite a certain benediction or it didn’t work and he’d forgotten the words.  I prompted him into remembering it and then convinced him to tattoo said prayer on his wrist so he wouldn’t forget anymore.  Then I dreamed about African Tigers hunting moose.  Yeah, I don’t know either.)

The general malaise is a continuation of yesterday, it seems.  Oh, twas an auspicious beginning to the day — I was at the Lissaville Animal Shelter at promptly 8 AM.  (Of course, the doors didn’t open till 8:30 — apparently the Sunday crew, unlike the Saturday crew which was my prior shift, does NOT get there early — but a Kindle and a bottle of Diet Coke renders such delays moot.)  I played with five adorable kittens (Claudio, Ophelia, Puck, William, and a nameless imp whom I called Hamlet) as well as some older, more mellow kitties.  I helped the med team doctor three month-old kittens — they climbed me like Mount Everest, dude.  WICKED cute.  And I topped off my charitable day by giving a ride to a very nice man named Chuck, thus saving a 75-year-old gent a walk to the T station in the rain.  (He usually has a ride but his contact wasn’t there that weekend.)

I then proceeded to be a model of industry, brewing a pot of coffee instead of taking a nap, then making up a weekly menu and proceeding to the grocery store.  I zoomed up and down the aisles, collecting my [sale] items with dispatch and enthusiasm, and returned home in triumph.

Alas, that’s when things began to go pear-shaped.  We are very lucky in the Kitty Den that there is an underground parking garage for our use.  We are slightly less lucky in that it is a VERY. NARROW. parking space with a support post on one side, necessitating cautious and delicate maneuvers in order to achieve Parkdom. 

And I FAILED.  I *thought* I was just shy of the pillar, affording the SUV to our left sufficient room to open its door without whacking poor Bernard (the name of our car) along his flanks, when the whimper of scratched, wounded, outraged vehicle informed me I was wrong.  It’s not terrible — I don’t think I chinked the metal — but the paint job is most certainly mussed.  It was A Sad.  I had A Sad.

As if that weren’t enough, we had another Sad with Mike slitting open his thumb later that afternoon (while WASHING a knife, mind you).  I spent the rest of the evening waiting for the other/third shoe to drop — good and bad things come in threes, you know.

So as not to end this diary on a sad note, let me assure you that, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield nurse (they have a 24/7 helpline), Mike didn’t need stitches.  It stopped bleeding (EVENTUALLY) and seems to be doing okay this morning.  The catfish (dipped in milk, rolled in cornmeal mix and baked) was hot and crispy and delicious, the Pinot Grigio was crisp and refreshing and the steamed broccoli was succulent.  Spaghetti sauce was bubbling gently in the Crock Pot as I left this morning, redolent with garlic and meaty-tomato-y goodness, and it should be delectable tonight with Italian bread. 

In other words, I shall stop whining and man up.  Right after lunch.

5 Responses to “Mondays”

  1. Jennifer said

    So sorry to hear about your Sunday. I’m glad Mike’s thumb is okay. 🙂

  2. Jay G. said

    Ugh. Sorry to hear the news, Lissa…

    Hope Mike heals quick and Bernard can be buffed out easy…

  3. Lissa said

    Thanks! I’m so glad Mondays only happen once a week . . .

  4. Lissa said

    Thank you Jay. Buffing Bernard? I don’t think that’ll solve the problem. Although, it DOES suggest a title for either a soft-core porn, or a really sexy car commercial

  5. Mondays said

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