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Three-picture Thursday: 9/25/08

Posted by Lissa on September 25, 2008

Hey cool!  I placed in the annual photo contest at Ye Olde Financial Firm!  This little snap picked up second place in the Creative category:

(If you’re puzzled, it’s a drain at the Dunkin Donuts where I used to work part time; I noticed that if you poured coffee down the drain and dripped cream into it you got ghost trails.  There’s a better word for it — used for car custom paint jobs — but I absolutely can’t remember it right now.  The white block is the overhead light reflecting on the liquid.  Cool, huh?)

You know I have a cat, named Rajah, whom I love.  However, I think we’re changing his name.  To Doofus.  He obviously has no clue that cats are graceful, independent beings that walk alone.  But at least he DOES have the courtesy to use a Modesty Paw. [shaking head]  Sorry for the poor picture quality; we were just finishing dinner and all I had handy was my cell.

Finally, I spent last night lusting after these shoes and it’s all Breda‘s fault.  I salved my poor broken heart by taking an encore of my now-famous (snort) shoe-snap:

Happy Thursday!

One Response to “Three-picture Thursday: 9/25/08”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    you can definately pull off sexy librarian with those shoes.

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