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Posted by Lissa on September 23, 2008


BOSTON (AP) — University of Massachusetts officials on Monday quashed efforts by an Amherst campus chaplain to offer two college credits to any student willing to campaign in New Hampshire this fall for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Chaplain Kent Higgins told students in a Sept. 18 e-mail, “If you’re scared about the prospects for this election, you’re not alone. The most important way to make a difference in the outcome is to activate yourself. It would be just fine with (Republican candidate John) McCain if Obama supporters just think about helping, then sleep in and stay home between now and Election Day.”

Again and again I come up against this same issue.  Around here, most conservatives know that they are a minority and assume others are likely liberal, while many liberals HAVE NO BLOODY IDEA THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS.  Did the chaplain pause to consider, for even a SECOND, what he would think of this plan were it run by the poli-sci department on behalf of John McCain?  All hell would break loose, no question.

It’s not about who you want for president, it’s about whether a college chaplain should make such a naked, partisan call to his impressionable students.  If you wouldn’t be okay with someone who supports the opposite party doing what you’re doing, perhaps you should pause and think, mmmkay?

Higgins said he never intended for the program to be limited to supporters of Obama. Regardless of the opinions expressed in his e-mail, he said he would also have been open to those students who wanted to canvass for McCain.

“The idea was there just to see if we could help with folks who want to be active with any of the campaigns in New Hampshire,” he said during an interview with the AP. “We have to be bipartisan, multilateral.”

Anyone else smell that?  Methinks it be the whiff of BS!

Good on the campus administration for shutting it down, both because that’s fair, and because if they hadn’t I’d want to kick them in the crotch for being blatantly stupid.

“The history department chair feels that what they were told was misleading, and then when the details of this emerged through the correspondence, they said, `Hey, this is not appropriate and it’s not going to happen,'” Blaguszewski said.

Render unto Caesar and all that.

(h/t Michelle Malkin)


One Response to “Unacceptable”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    “Good on the campus administration for shutting it down, both because that’s fair, and because if they hadn’t I’d want to kick them in the crotch for being blatantly stupid”

    Thank f***ing GOD. I mean, dude, that’s my alma mater, and I still wear my UMass sweats!

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