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Wait, I think I saw this movie . . .

Posted by Lissa on September 22, 2008

Uh huh.  Got it from The CornerHow long would YOU survive?

I have a feeling it overestimated me.  I would like to THINK that I would not curl up in a sniveling heap, crying and whimpering and praying for the cat to save me, cause that would be pathetic.  On the other hand, when I answered the quiz questions I was looking at the velociraptor shown above.  Whereas the ones from the Jurassic Park movie made me afraid to sleep for DAYS.  (Also to walk into a kitchen.  And to walk through a forest.  Or really bushy areas of my neighborhood.  Gimme a break, I was thirteen!)

By the way, what IS the proper caliber for slaying dinosaurs?  Would it be more, or less, than for killing sandworms?


7 Responses to “Wait, I think I saw this movie . . .”

  1. Brad K said

    I like Frank W. James account of trying out the PS-90. A small caliber weapon, that the rounds are surprisingly effective for their caliber. And an accurate placement and 50 round clip available (30 round clip is standard). Shoot true, shoot often.

    The Hawkins rifle Robert Redford used in “Jeremiah Johnson” looked comforting, too. Or Mark Wahlberg’s sniper rifle in “Shooter”. And I like the thought of plinking at 2000 yards, rather than up close and at-risk.

  2. Mike said

    I got 1:16! I win!

  3. Jay G. said

    Velociraptors aren’t all that big IIRC. .308 Winchester or 12 gauge slug at close distance oughta do the job.

    Mmmmm… Barbeque’d dinosaur. Extinct-i-licious!

  4. JD said

    for dinos I would think the proper caliber is the biggest you can aim. . . . Personally I would like something vehicle mounted and belt fed. . . One of them new electric Gatling mini guns would be nice = )

    I made 1 min 19 sec. . . . not to good, maybe 120mm Abrams would be a good choice. . . .

  5. Good thing I clicked on the link…I was about to go into a dissertation on how the Sandworms of Arakkis don’t respond well to water.

    Yeah ‘raptors weren’t very big at all, any small to medium handgun or rifle would be more than enugh. 12 Guage of course would be a VERY good choice.

    Now what do they TASTE like?

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  7. lookingforlissa said

    Extinct-i-licious. Love it 🙂

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