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Three-picture Thursday: 9/18/08

Posted by Lissa on September 18, 2008

Good morning y’all!  I don’t have any really interesting photos on hand for today, so we’ll do a Video Version.

This one has made me laugh to the point of tears, ever since I saw it in college O Many Years Ago.  Guys, ever felt like this?

This one I SWEAR my freaking cat did to me this morning at FOUR AM:

And finally, this one brings me to tears too, but in a different way.  If by some miracle you haven’t already seen it — it’s been viral for quite a while — make sure you watch till the end.


2 Responses to “Three-picture Thursday: 9/18/08”

  1. Jay G. said

    Guys, ever felt like this?

    Only my entire college career…

  2. totwtytr said

    BOTH of my cats do that to me. One comes in at 4:00 AM and taps me on the shoulder with his paw. If I don’t wake up to play with him he then digs a claw into my leg.

    The other just climbs on top of me and kneads me until I wake up.

    Close the door? That’s never going to happen.

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