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How will SNL treat the debates?

Posted by Lissa on September 17, 2008

Over dinner last night (pizza, sorry, nothing exciting) Mike and I were wondering how Saturday Night Livewould treat Obama in the upcoming presidential debate spoofs.  My guess is that they’ll portray him as a celebrity and, once again, criticize the fawning media coverage he’s enjoyed; it certainly was effective the first time around.  That would allow them to be funny and perhaps relevant without ever coming close to something that would be classified as racist, or even as too biting.  Skits like that would definitely make me laugh, but would nicely avoid Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, negotiating with foreign leaders without any authority to do so, the Annenburg Challenge, his official campaign attempts to shut down opposition viewpoints, etc., etc.

What do y’all think?  Take a guess!


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