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10 good things about a Barack Obama presidency

Posted by Lissa on September 16, 2008

It’s looking pretty close right now, and there are still seven weeks before the election; anything can happen.

There’s quite a decent chance that Obama will win, and since I live in the Volksrepublik of Massachusetts my vote really won’t count at all.  I shall therefore count silver linings, for your edification and mine!

Ten Good Things About a Barack Obama Presidency (only SOMEWHAT tongue-in-cheek)

10. It will be fashionable for guys to be tall and skinny.  Hey, why should it be only women who have to emulate anorexic fashion models?

9. A hugely successful example of a two-parent home will be visible, prime-time.  I’m not counting chickens, but it would be GREAT if that had an effect on out-of-wedlock births to young mothers.

8. I’d just as soon do without riots, mmmkay?

7. Suddenly and magically, the economy will be in good shape and we will see lots of media coverage on low unemployment.

6. People around the world will have to pretend that they now love America, at least temporarily.

5. When that honeymoon period fades and the world goes back to fashionable anti-Americanism, the media will report that THEY are lacking, not us.  What an odd and novel concept.

4. I will be free to bitch and gripe through the next four years with the excuse, “*I* didn’t vote for him!”  (I will NOT, however, have a bumper sticker declaring that Obama is not my president.  That’s both dumb and disrespectful, but mostly dumb.)

3. The young college folks who turned out just to vote for Obama will actually watch the news for the next four years and become disillusioned with politics.  The sooner that disillusionment happens, the better.  There is no Santa Claus and politicians are, in large part, closely related to microbes.

2. Turning Bill Clinton into an Outreach Ambassador to the Heartland.  (If you haven’t read that one, seriously, go do it.  It’s full of Teh Awesome.)

And the number one silver lining and good thing about a Barack Obama presidency . . . .

1. The United States will have elected a black person to the highest post in the nation.

Seriously, I don’t like his economic policies nor his worldview and I don’t plan to vote for him, but that is a DAMN good thing.  Sure, I’d rather have Bobby Jindal or Michael Steele, with Thomas Sowell in charge of the budget (PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!), however, that doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate the symbolism. 

And that tall and skinny thing?  I meant it.  Let’s see y’all do Jay G’s diet for four years, mmkay?

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12 Responses to “10 good things about a Barack Obama presidency”

  1. Jay G. said

    Hey! I am not skinny!

    According to various BMI indeces, I am only three pounds away from being considered overweight, actually…

  2. Sailorcurt said

    And even if I did get skinny (fat chance), I still wouldn’t be tall. Not much I can do about that.

  3. totwtytr said

    Lissa, Lissa, Lissa. You’re conversion to the dark side just isn’t complete yet. Only liberals “celebrate symbolism”. WE celebrate achievement.

    It’s a journey, not a destination, and you’ve made great strides.

  4. As Totwtytr says, you have much yet to learn young Jedi- achievement, not symbolism, is the rule.

    Electing a black man BECAUSE he’s a black man is one of the worst possible outcomes of this contest.
    I may be historic, but it would also be idiotic.
    My $.02…

  5. Mike said

    I’m going to have to agree with comments 3 and 4 even if Lissa gets mad at me and makes me sleep on the couch:
    Celebrating the symbolism doesn’t strike me as judging Senator Obama by the content of his character.

    I would also just as soon do without riots, but I’m not the one who just called him skinny.

  6. lookingforlissa said

    Agreed, gentlemen. But notice that I didn’t list those as reasons to VOTE for him. I think ’tis reasonable to celebrate symbolism, without finding that reason enough to endorse it. I don’t think the two-week honeymoon the media will give us from Blame America First is reason enough to vote for him either, but that won’t keep me from enjoying the rare and temporary quiet.

    And as for Mike . . . *hiss* You watch yourself sir!!

    (Not really. He makes me giggle.)

  7. Mike said

    Can I add a #11? I’d want to include that, if he becomes President, Barack Obama will only be undermining himself when he visits with (allied) foreign leaders and demands that they stop dealing with the United States.

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  11. Anonymous said

    HEEEYYYYYYY , were in citizenship .

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