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About yesterday

Posted by Lissa on September 12, 2008

Breda‘s on kind of the same page I am.

I admit, I waited till the last moment.  I forgot and then procrastinated until Wednesday to go shopping for an American flag lapel pin.  (We’ve only now gone business formal at work; I didn’t wear suits before.  Hence no lapels.)  I wanted to get one for Mike too, although he mentioned that he would prefer a tie tack, as he habitually sheds his suit jacket once he gets into the office.  I promised I would get that instead, if I could, and headed off to the Downtown Crossing shopping area.  I figured that as long as it wasn’t TOO big, a flag broach or generic pin would be fine; I didn’t think it’d be hard at all to find that.

Boy, was I wrong.  Here are the places I unsuccessfully canvassed, as my mood shifted from equanimity to irritation to surprise-tinged-with-slight-disgust: Claire’s.  Talbot’s.  H&M.  Borders.  TJ Maxx.  Marshall’s.  Macy’s.  The Thomas Pink suit store.  The Eddie Bauer outlet.  The Army/Navy Surplus Store.  I even tried the pushcart run by The Boys and Girls Club.  I finally got two pins (at $1 each) at the So Good Jewelry Store, and carefully pinned one to the lapel of the black suit I wore yesterday.

Out of curiosity, I gave a quick glance to people’s outfits as I walked to and from my office building.  I didn’t see one flag pin or other remembrance item.  Not one.

I don’t THINK I created a fashion faux pas, wearing a flag pin on 9/11, and if I did I don’t care.  Guess I’m in the wrong town for flag wear.  What about y’all?  (And BTW I’m not saying you necessarily should, or should not, wear flag items.  I’m just a bit surprised that NO ONE, seemingly, decided to do so.)

P.S.  BTW, if I’d wanted a peace sign necklace, earrings, belt or bag, I’d have been in AWESOME shape.


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