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The anti-Mallick

Posted by Lissa on September 10, 2008

Now THIS is what I admire.

We need a new generation of leadership with fresh ideas and an expansive, cosmopolitan vision — which is why I support Barack Obama and have contributed to his campaign. My baby-boom generation — typified by the narcissistic Clintons — peaked in the 1960s and is seriously past it. But McCain, born before Pearl Harbor, is even older than we are! Why would anyone believe that he holds the key to the future?

So, an Obama fan.  A woman.  And yet she gives credit where credit is due, and treats Sarah Palin like a PERSON.

It is certainly premature to predict how the Palin saga will go. I may not agree a jot with her about basic principles, but I have immensely enjoyed Palin’s boffo performances at her debut and at the Republican convention, where she astonishingly dealt with multiple technical malfunctions without missing a beat. A feminism that cannot admire the bravura under high pressure of the first woman governor of a frontier state isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit.

You don’t have to love Sarah Palin.  You don’t have to like her, or agree with her.  You may disagree, in fact, with EVERY political view that she holds and every action she’s ever taken as Governor or Mayor.  But you can’t deny she’s had a huge effect since her intro as the Republican Veep candidate without looking like a moron.

Heather Mallick, go read Camille Paglia.  You might learn a thing or two.

UPDATE: Oops! h/t Hot Air

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