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It’s like that game of Telephone

Posted by Lissa on September 9, 2008

Y’all remember Telephone, right?  A group of kids sit in a line.  The first person whispers to the second person, who whispers to the third, etc., etc.  Variations on the game allow each person to change one word, or alternately to change nothing but disallow whispering the phrase more than once.  At the end of the line, the last kid says out loud what s/he heard, and everyone laughs at how different it was than the original phrase.

It won’t surprise any of the politics-junkies here, but Newsbusters runs down a real-live game of Telephone: Start with “Bush: 8,000 US troops to leave Iraq” and end up with “Bush to Keep Iraq Troop Levels Steady Until After He Leaves Office.”


One Response to “It’s like that game of Telephone”

  1. Woah! I heard that first headline on the news wires as I got off the subway this morning, then I was listening to the radio in the lab, and I heard the second one…WTF, Over?

    BTW I’m very pleased with Bush’s current plan, we’ve really done miracles with Iraq, but its come at the expense of what SHOULD have been a much easier task in Afganistan.

    The increased troops there should be a serious boon.

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