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Homage to the Crock Pot

Posted by Lissa on September 8, 2008

I think the single most cherished item in my kitchen (besides Mike) may be my Crock Pot. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have some serious lovin’ on Mr. George Foreman as well.  And rice just isn’t rice unless it’s done in a rice cooker.  (Oh, and it’s gotta be jasmine rice.  Brown rice was a nefarious invention concocted by the Golgothan and his evil minions, the Stool Demons.)

But they just don’t stand up to the Glorious Crock Pot.  I spent maybe ten minutes prepping before leaving the apartment Saturday morning.  All that was required was to peel and thickly slice an onion, peel eight cloves of garlic (though I should have done more, they are DELICIOUS), rub the roast with salt and pepper (okay, Mike actually did that since I was running late) and dump half a can of chicken broth over the top.  Set it on low, and run to the dentist!

Ten hours later, all my shopping complete (bought three suits, OUCH), all my torture survived (dental hygienist Gina does a VERY THOROUGH JOB — DOUBLEOUCH), and broccoli quickly steamed, we sat down to a delicious meal of pot roast and veggies on the side, garnished with soft, tender garlic.  Mmmmm!  And lots of leftovers!

Thank you, Crock Pot.  May your reign in my kitchen be forever exalted.

(Of course, the corkscrew was a pretty damn great invention too.)


4 Responses to “Homage to the Crock Pot”

  1. Breda said

    you can do a whole chicken in your crockpot, too! Best invention EVER

  2. lookingforlissa said

    Indeed! Per the lil’ Crock Pot recipe book that came with it, I’ve done Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic — tasty, AND keeps away vampires 🙂

  3. Scratch Ankle said

    Best meatloaf I ever made came out of my crock pot. Not mention my chili, my spaghetti sauce . . .

  4. Weer’d Crock Pot Chicken (Traditionally said as one word “Crockpotchicken!”)

    One whole chicken washed and with innards removed. You will need pepper corns, kosher salt, garlic, and one lemon (Bonus for spice one habenero pepper makes it exciting!)

    Place half the ingredients into the cavity. Then pull the skin back from the breast and put pepper lemon and garlic under the skin. Sprinkle ramaining salt over the bird. Drop the habenero or other chilli on top, and just walk away!

    Mmmmm That evening we keep leftover meat for chicken pot pie, and add barley, carrots, peppers, onions, water and salt to the drippings in the bottom of the pot to make what ammounts to a savory porrage.

    For $5 for a Chicken, you can live pretty high on the hog for little money or effort!


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