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Today’s tip

Posted by Lissa on August 13, 2008

Are you a fan of meatloaf?  Next time you cook it, try making muffins.

Instead of shaping all that delicious ground meat, spices, eggs, breadcrumbs, cheese and ketchup/tomato sauce into one loaf, cook it in a muffin tin.  Rather than the 30-45 minutes it would take to cook one large loaf, cooking 12 muffins reduces the baketime to under 20 minutes — just long enough for you to shuck and boil that fresh corn-on-the-cob. 

For my own personal taste, I also add WAY more garlic than any recipe ever advises.  There are very few meat dishes that can’t use a little extra garlic.  Also, I don’t use the “meatloaf mix” sold by Stop ‘n’ Shop; I’d rather hand-mix ground beef and pork, while skipping the ground veal.  (I’m told baby cows are delicious, but they’re just too gosh-darn cute.  I’d happily eat bunnies before I’d eat veal.  I don’t trust bunnies.)

Meatloaf sandwiches for dinner tomorrow night!

(Muffins idea from my very favorite beginner’s cookbook, The Everything Quick and Easy 30-minute, 5-ingredient Cookbook.  There are lots of lower-fat substitutes you can use to make the recipes healthier, or you can just take the general idea and fancy-it-up as you please.  Rachel Ray is great for some stuff, and of course I have a Joy of Cooking, but anything that takes more than fifteen ingredients tends to make my eyes glaze over, my fingers twitch, my cheeks tic, and general moronic incompetence to ensue.)

2 Responses to “Today’s tip”

  1. Breda said

    I skip the veal, too. I also make a glaze for the top by mixing ketchup and mustard and brown sugar. Serious yum.

  2. Sarah said

    Mmmmm, veal.

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