Escape your life for a little while — come play in mine.

Good morning!

Posted by Lissa on July 31, 2008

Morning y’all!  I’m working on a longer post right now, so I’m tossing out a kitty pic to fill the space until I’ve got that done.  Thanks everyone for voting and for your comments; they make me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

BTW, my kitty is VERY cute, but he’s also VERY dumb.  He thinks he’s a dog — he likes to chase his tail, sometimes jumps in the shower with me, comes when he’s called, and fetches toys (sometimes).  Next time I’ll upload the video of when I wrapped his midsection in an Ace bandage and laughed myself silly as he frantically rolled about the floor.  I’m evil that way.

These were taken AFTER the Ace bandage incident, so obviously he forgives me.  After all, he got treats as reward for his humiliation, so all is well.

2 Responses to “Good morning!”

  1. Breda said

    Cat photos are always good. He looks a lot like my Ronan, who loves to play fetch. Obsessively.

  2. lookingforlissa said

    Okay weird, Breda’s comment sometimes doesn’t show up! Anyway, I’d love to see a picture of Ronan 🙂

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