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Experiment warning!

Posted by Lissa on July 29, 2008

In case y’all haven’t figured it out by now, I don’t have a particular theme nor purpose to my blog.  There will definitely be some gun posts, since I’m interested in the tools and also the subject, but this won’t be a gunnie blog; I don’t own a gun yet, so I think that disqualifies me.  There will likely be some political posts, but I follow politics the way some people watch soap operas: I have absolutely no delusions that I’m smart enough to really analyze the serious stuff, so I go a mile wide and an inch deep.  Plus, the only people I can guarantee are going to check out this little doo-hickey are my friends and family, and since most of them are liberals this site can never be liberal-bashing, or at least must always do so in a genteel manner.  Really, this site is my attempt at making a record of things that interest me at the moment, which is why it includes my stabs at domesticity and occasional (forgive me!) pet posts.

That being said, I’m curious whether I read the same sites as everyone who mosies over here.  If not, I can draw your attention to snippets I find interesting, every once in a while.  If so, then I shouldn’t bother unless I have a brilliant original thought/analysis/snark (don’t hold your breath).

With that, I introduce the very first LookingForLissa poll!  Do me a favor and check off all the sites you regularly access for news.  I check the first five every day, six through nine almost every day, and the rest only occasionally.  Let’s see if this works! (Note that you can select more than one; we’re, like, high-tech here and stuff.)

7 Responses to “Experiment warning!”

  1. mike w. said

    “I don’t own a gun yet, so I think that disqualifies me.”

    Not necessarily. I blogged on the subject in my LJ for a while before I actually took the plunge and bought one (and got myself an actual blog) Although I think Weer’d Beard & Breda were my only 2 readers.

  2. http://www.squeakywheelseeksgrease.com/blog/

    She was earning hardcore gunblogger street-cred whilst only owning one gun (maybe even before) now I think she owns a wopping 2.

    She of course is hardly a “Gun Nut”, I’ll go on-and-on on the merits of certain actions, certain styles, and certain features of guns…while others will be bored to tears with such things.

    Squeaky is a 2nd Amendment, and personal defence blogger.

    In the end, I’d just recomend you write about stuff you want to ramble about….or questions you want to discuss.

    The rest will sort itself out.

  3. Jay G. said

    Hell, I’ve got more guns under my bed than SayUncle owns period, but he’s one of the big names in gun bloggers…

  4. Sevesteen said

    The only match I found was Kim. He’s interesting, but not necessarily a close match for my views.

  5. +1 Jay, I was damned suprised at how few guns Uncle owns.

    Robb Allen doesn’t own very many either, but it sounds like kids soak up a ton on his gun monies, and he’d have more if the funds were looser.

  6. Breda said

    I have one gun. One.

  7. secretlivesofscientists said

    uno. but not for lack of enthusiasm.

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