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Before ‘n’ after, with help from the Underwear Gnomes

Posted by Lissa on July 22, 2008

Phase 1:

Phase 3:

Cue the chorus:  “What’s Phase 2??”

Glad you asked!

Next time, I’m *SO* bringing a Barney doll.

7 Responses to “Before ‘n’ after, with help from the Underwear Gnomes”

  1. Jay G. said

    “I love you,
    you love me,
    Let’s hit Barney with a .303″…

  2. Breda said

    JayG – crazy in a good way. (But why can’t I get the video to play?)

  3. Jeff said

    And people pooh-pooh the Enfield and its cartridge. Let’s see them come up with a song about 7.62x51mm NATO. Just doesn’t have the same ring.

  4. lookingforlissa said

    Uh oh, Breda, I haven’t a clue. Anyone else having trouble viewing it?

  5. Your laughter in the background really made that video!

  6. JD said


    Movie worked for me. . . .

    Thanks JayG. . . Now I will have that running through my head for the next hour or two. Wish I had thought of it =)

  7. lookingforlissa said

    Weer’d Beard, thanks for saying that, cause I was thinking I should have tried to mute it out. Guess it worked okay!
    “I love you, you love me
    Let’s all go and kill Barney
    With a .410 bore
    Lying on the floor
    No more purple dinosaur!”

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