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Bang bang! YAY!!!!

Posted by Lissa on July 21, 2008

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post, y’all, but I spent last night in the ER getting emergency Botox injections to remove my shit-eating grin 🙂  (No, actually, Mike was feeling feverish when I came home, so last night was spent domestically.  More on that later.)

To the family and friends who make up my (usual) tiny audience, you probably won’t be interested in my blog for the next couple days.  Feel free to take a vacation and come back later when I have more cat stories, and I love you!  (And a special shout out to Wisconsin Jen and Jenny, my only regular commenters, thanks!)

A huge, big thank-you to Jay Gfor organizing that fiesta, to everyone who loaned me their guns, to everyone who showed me (again) exactly where the safety was, to the host and hostess, and to everyone who laughed at my inane jokes and laughed (in a friendly manner) at my “omgGUNS!!!1” approach to the day.

Goodness, where do I begin?  (Cue the chorus:  “At the beginning, dumbass!”  Gee THANKS.)  I was the first to show up at the Sooper Seekrit Blogger Meet, which was a bit embarrassing; I budgeted an extra half-hour to get lost, but the Garmin held me straight and true throughout.  Doubletroubleand Mrs. Doubletrouble were incredibly hospitable and nice people; plus, Mrs. Doubletrouble let me feed the horses, so we have a “omgPONIESANDGUNS” start to the morning!  People trickled in over the next hour-plus (our Great Organizer JayG was late, but he DID remember the keys to his gun cases.  This time.  Ha, I wasn’t even there when he did that, and I still get to bust his apples!) and we kicked off the festivities with the Ceremonial Firing of the Cannon (I have a video too, but Bruce already posted his, so skip over there whydoncha).

I stood around, mouth gaping, as the guests started making holes in targets.  Apparently everyone starts out as a new gunner, so maybe the other folks will understand when I say: It’s a bit intimidating.  I was the only person who brought neither weapons nor ammo to the party and very clearly had The Four Rules mastered and nothing else.  I’ve gone shooting three times before in my life, over the last six years; that’s not exactly regular practice.  Tack on the fact that we had a pretty homogeneous demographic going (gun-loving men and two of their gun-toting wives) and I looked like either a) a teenybopper tagging along with Daddy, or b) Affirmative Action At The Range.  (Note to self: next time skip the purple shorts and pink top, and go for basic black.  Lara Croft suits the image a bit better than Rainbow Brite.  It’s amazing that people handed me guns instead of the TeleTubbie that got whacked.)

Luckily for me(!!!!), every single person at that meet was gracious, friendly, willing-and-eager to instruct, and kind enough to OFFER me their toys.  (I was too shy to say, “Oo pretty!  I can haz rifle?”  Seemed rude — guns are both valuable and, often, sentimental — and, besides, I’d probably pick something way out of my skill range and knock myself directly on my ass.  I’d have been okay with that for the entertainment aspect, but that’s not good range-safety.)  Time after time, someone would say, “Hey Lissa!  You ever shoot a [fill in the blank]?”  Me:  “No, but I’d love to try!!”  Then s/he would generously hand me the treasured weapon (often explaining the history of said weapon along the way), generously fill it up with ammunition, and let me bang away.

I’d like to send a special thanks to Mrs. Doubletrouble, who let me pet her horses, loaned me her favorite little .22 rifle, and kindly remedied the flaws in my technique that were causing me to eject live rounds instead of making bangs.  (Of course I’m not offended, Doubletrouble, just grateful that the Mrs. straightened me out.  Not only is it dangerous to eject live rounds everywhere, but it was making me wicked sad that I wasn’t hitting ANY of the targets!) 

Since this post has been pretty self-involved so far, I think this one will be All About Me; Part the Second will examine the shooting experience in general (weapon types, etc.), and Part the Third will be All About Everyone Else.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new Blogroll to create 🙂

“Every time Sarah Brady cries, an angel gets its wings.”

UPDATE:  Linky-love ahoy!  Thank you to Breda and the Pretty Pistolera, as well as plenty of folks from yesterday (your blogroll is now up).  Coming soon, “Fresh eyes at a private range”

22 Responses to “Bang bang! YAY!!!!”

  1. Liberty said

    Awesome Lissa! Ya did great! Particularly the submachine gun hedge-trimming! 😉

    Next time, I say we all wear purple shorts and pink tops!

  2. I didn’t think you would be Lissa. But I gotta tell ya, when the Mrs. told me that story last night I LMAO; HAD to post it.
    Your enthusiasm for the whole scene was fun in itself!

  3. Bruce said

    Welcome to the free world! Next time, we’ll shoot your guns. 🙂

  4. Jay G said


    Glad you had a good time, Lissa. It was great meeting you, and you didn’t give off “noob vibes” too bad.

    You even fired the 12 gauge of doom. That’s something!

  5. Jeff said

    I think you’ll find that very nearly everyone in the shooting community is just as friendly and generous with their toys. If you really want sensory overload, sign up to be a paid member at http://www.northeastshooters.com and come to one of the member’s shoots. The 4th of July shoot was similar to the bloggershoot, except with about 100 people.

    +1 to Bruce. The best way to express your gratitude is to pay it forward to more new shooters. Each new shooter is one more voter to make sure we can always enjoy the fun and camaraderie of the shooting sports.

  6. Em said

    I looooove wearing my pink shirt to the range! makes it all the more fun to outshoot the boys. and it’s how I got my new nickname: shoothouse barbie.

  7. lookingforlissa said

    Liberty, I would LOVE to see that. Make it so!

    Doubletrouble, thanks so much for hosting, and always glad to amuse.

    Bruce, I’ll do my best, but I don’t even have a PAINTBALL gun. (Hmm . . . think we could work up a paintball trip some time? They’re fake guns, but you actually get to shoot your friends!)

    Jay G, that 12 gauge was far too much fun. It kicked my ass and I ENJOYED it. Surely that’s not right!

    Jeff, let me say again that I loved your tool box. Very practical!

    And Emily, I shall call you that from now on 🙂

  8. JD said

    Another Massachusetts subject converted. . . I can hear them crying in the statehouse now. . .

    = )

    I will second the other comments, you fit right in and did great!

  9. Tracy said

    Lissa, I love your energy and enthusiasm! Looking forward to more range updates.

  10. I look VERY nice in Pink!

    Seriously, you looked like a total natural by then end. A shoot of that type can be VERY overwhelming, and you took it all in stride, safe, with a HUGE smile on your face!

    We’ll definitely have to do this more often!

  11. Breda said

    Hooray for you! Welcome to the gunchick club!

  12. dr mac said

    Enjoyed your company all day- your energy and willingness to try something new was refreshing. Besides, the Mrs. felt more at home having a couple of other women around. Isn’t it fun shooting balloons ?

  13. Bruce said

    Whether pink or purple, let me know what color outfit you’ll be wearing to the next shoot. I’ll need to know which kilt to wear so we’re color coordinated. I’ve got a wide nylon pistol belt that looks great with the black tactical sporran.

  14. TheGunGeek said

    I’ll second what Jeff said… nearly all real gun people would be very happy for a new shooter (or anyone in general, really) to ask to see/use one of their guns. People that own guns, but that aren’t gun nut types, would be less likely to be so willing to share, but you weren’t with casual gun owners.

    At work, we’ve got a few people in our group that have never really done any shooting. We all head to the nearby indoor range every month or so and they get to try out new things every time we go. Us gun owners make a point of always having both guns they have used before and are comfortable with as well as ones that would give them a new experience. It’s fun for us to see people enjoying shooting.

    Keep having fun!

  15. Jay G. said

    BTW, Lissa:

    I’m a member at a local gun club on the North Shore. Any time you’d like to go shooting, give a holler.

  16. lookingforlissa said

    Thanks Jay, I will definitely take you up on that!

  17. Jennifer said

    Thanks for the shout-out, Lissa… call me sometime. I feel like we have some catching up to do. 🙂

  18. Ross said

    Hi. Just surfed on in from JayG’s blog. (I’m one of the dreaded denizens of NortheastShooters.com, too…) I have to admit, looking at the pix of the bloggershoot and imagining you saying “Oo pretty! I can haz rifle?” just about had me on the floor. You should have done it!

    Heck, I may do that at the next NES shoot when I see a particularly nice looking rifle. 🙂

    And what is it about about gunnies and cats? Most of the gunnies I know have cats. The ones who don’t have dogs. And some have both. Strange… you’d almost think that we have hearts. Nahhhh…

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