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Back home!

Posted by Lissa on July 7, 2008

Oof.  Tired.  But in a good way!  God, I hate these Canada trips.  The family is just so boring and gauche, while Canada in general is a wretched country full of wretched people . . . oh wait, Cousin Niki has this blog address?  Well now, that’s embarrassing right thar.

Obviously, I kid 🙂  The trips *are* a bit of a hassle, but until they invent teleportation that’s kind of unavoidable.  (BTW, a word to all the evil geniuses out there — teleportation is WAY FREAKING OVERDUE.)  We may fly next time (that’s certainly Mike’s preference); however this go-round we had to drop the boys back home on our return trip.  It was VERY WEIRD to cross the border in full daylight, both times — all my previous Canada trips have been with Jenny and we go on her schedule.  That means that we tend to leave in the afternoon and cross the border around midnight.  On the one hand, there’s rarely any traffic at the border; on the other hand, I counted SIXTEEN DEER on the way home.  And not a single one of them was nicely cured and turned into venison, so I prefer to do without.  Yet with or without deer, nine-plus hours of driving (plus some stoppage time and a decent amount of traffic) is no small feat. 

It was, without question, worth it.  I saw Japo (grandmother) the evening we drove in, which confused the poor lady to no end, though after she understood the timetable she summarily declared that I would do the same from now on.  She didn’t meet Mike till the next day — I had to make sure her hair was brushed, her skin was moisturized, the room was tidy, and in effect make sure that she could maintain her hard-earned pride — but when she did she immediately waved him over for a hug and kiss.  She was LAUGHING, she was so happy to meet him, and I was hard-put not to cry.  She totally LOVED the bracelet he got her and immediately showed it off to all the nurses, neighbors and doctors she could bring within reach. 

(A bit of background — as many of y’all know, my Chinese name is Lee Nyook — Beautiful Gem or, as she says it, Beautiful Jade.  When Mom told her I was engaged she gave Mike a Chinese name, Nyook Gong — the Jade that Shines Throughout the World.  To which he reacted, “Your grandma says I’s shiny!”)

(A second aside — when I say “the bracelet he got her,” I mean, “the bracelet I discussed with Jenny and bought in Chinatown, then handed over to Mike in a pretty Chinese silk jewelry bag with instructions to give it to Japo as being from him.”)

The trip really went down very well.  We met Uncle Peter and his family and got stuffed with homemade Jamaican food like you wouldn’t believe; Mike got treated to a few Peter-stories and earned the official thumbs-up from that self-appointed Guardian of Nieces; he got to spend some time with the two younger brothers (sports talk for Elder Bro, computer/gaming discussion for Younger Bro); and we had the Big Family Dinner to introduce him around to all the cousins.  From my little corner of the world, everyone’s happy for me; Mike didn’t have green skin, red eyes or a tail/hooves, so he passes muster.  (Now, if he were Japanese it might be another story . . . )

A Final Observation/query:  Why does Canada have so many icky flavors of potato chips, while having so many delicious chocolate/candy bars that we don’t have here?  The universe truly is a mystery . . .

A Final, Final Observation: Jenny, you were missed!!!!


3 Responses to “Back home!”

  1. Jennifer said

    I’m so happy to hear the trip was a success!
    I can definitely relate to the long drive… I’ll be driving from WI to PA in a month. The trip is about 14 hours or so. I could fly, but a week home without a car is a long time. Plus, we bring Elvis with us, so flying is much easier. Teleportation would definitely be nice…

  2. Jeff said

    What are you talking about, ketchup potato chips are awesome. Also, Canadian Oreos are far superior to their USian cousins.

  3. lookingforlissa said

    Jeff, I suppose you like poutine also? 🙂

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