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Off into the wild blue yonder. Or something.

Posted by Lissa on July 2, 2008

Not only do I love my fiance, but I have immense faith in his love for me, his genuine acceptance of my craziness, and his ability to keep his head when all around him are losing theirs.  Apparently, I also think that he has the intestinal fortitude to make Rambo look like he eats vanilla yogurt and strawberries three times a day.  In other words, tomorrow we leave for Canada to introduce him to my mom’s side of my family.  That’s my aunt, uncle, their three kids and one daughter-in-law; my other aunt, uncle, and their two kids; my all-important grandmother; various friends, boyfriends, partridges and pear trees.  Oh, plus the family folks coming up.

Were you counting along, boys and girls?  That’s at least TWENTY FLAVORS OF CRAZY ALL BEING MIXED TOGETHER.  AND I’M NOT EVEN INCLUDING THE TWO OF US. 

Plus, pickle chips and ketchup chips.  And don’t forget poutine.

If I have a nervous breakdown in the middle, please remember that I prefer my padded walls to be a cool, not-quite-green shade of teal.  It matches the veins throbbing in my forehead and the technicolor smurfs skipping merrily through my mental delirium . . .


One Response to “Off into the wild blue yonder. Or something.”

  1. Jennifer said

    Best of luck to both of you in Canada. Try to steal away some moments to keep each other sane!

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