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Caribbean revisited: Cozumel (omigodPONIES)

Posted by Lissa on June 30, 2008

Bienvenidos a Mexico!  Caballeros y Damas, les gustan los caballos?

Okay, okay, I’ll back up a bit.  The obligatory harbor shot: 

It was an absolutely fabulous pier — lots of room, very modern looking.  I’m informed that it’s so nice because a hurricane a few years ago completely wiped out the old pier.

Mike tries to get native:  (or, to oblige me when I say “Sit there!  Sit there!!”

Okay enough footling about . . . HORSIES!!!!!

You can tell I hate animals in general.  Especially pretty horsies.  Preeeeeeeeetty horsies!

Ladies and gentlemen, do we classify the smile above as a “sh*t-eating grin”?  I think perhaps so.  Mike seems a bit more bemused, but that’s because his Benito was single-mindedly fixated on eating the plants:

We mounted up (sans helmets) and rode off to see the (ahem) ruins:

Mmm, ruins-y goodness:

Oo, ahhh:

Okay, the hell with that.  More horsies!!

Afterwards we sat in the cantina and sipped Coronitas while I glowed fit to beat the sun.  I was still glowing as we ate lunch back downtown:

I took this picture while sitting in the restaurant.  Beer-drinking beeches back in the States, go ahead and turn green with envy:

Aaaaaand, you can promptly dismiss that green and flee to your pretty American bathrooms . . .

(Shudder.)  Okay, so, let’s move right along to something more cheerful:

We didn’t buy any, but we knew they were the best.  Fidel told us so.  We wandered around a bit more and bought beers to drink as we strolled down the hot, uncrowded streets.


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