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Caribbean revisited: Grand Cayman

Posted by Lissa on June 26, 2008

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me . . .

There was actually a real guy in costume running around with huge long dreads, but this guy was funnier.  Also, we didn’t have to tip him to pose with him 🙂  ARRRRRR!!

First real trip was on the Nautilus, the semi-submersible.  Sadly, it was a lot more interesting in real life; the pix were awfully hard to take underwater.  This is about as good as I can give ya:

Oo, ahh, a shipwreck.  Look, coral!

Shockingly, Lissa was a LOT more excited about the turtle farm.  Tons and TONS of big flappy turtles swimming about!  Although their heads are REALLY funny looking.  The shells are beautiful but the heads are directly out of The Neverending Story.  (I know, I know, the movie heads are actually right out of turtles, but whatever, I saw the movie at close range first.)

The guide walking us about threw some turtle food pellets in to create a camera-friendly feeding frenzy:

Lest you be worried, they had the snapping turtles separated away from the friendly-ish green turtles.  They also had a massive tank for the big turtles and lots of little ones for smaller turtles.  Which allowed me to do — THIS!!  LOOK AT THE FLAPPY TURTLE!!!  (At the very moment of this photograph, I’m explaining to the turtle that my cat would like to plaaaaaaay with him.  In other words, I’m cooing pretty lies.  The turtle would take one flap and Rajah would bolt like the fraidy-kitty he is.)

Next stop was in Hell.  Really.

See?  Told ya so.  I can’t help but wonder who posed for the cutout.

THIS is the freaky weird rock formation that gave the bitty-town its name.  It really is the oddest looking natural formation I’ve ever seen; those lucky gals who have been on a driving tour down Route 66 can chime in here 🙂

And to cap it off, awwwww.  Maybe Mike and I should get married here?

So sweet!!  I think I know a number of people who must have gotten married there . . .


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